About us

The story of Winnie L’Ourson

Winnie L’Ourson was founded in June 2009 by Mrs Zahra Soodeen to provide an innovative approach to pre-primary & nursery in Mauritius.

Royal Road Gebert Rose-Belle, Mauritius, this is where the beautiful story of our pre-primary and nursery began in Mauritius. Our success is clearly defined by the willingness to provide strong academic foundation while developing creative expression and nurturing a passion for learning in our students. As the school and support from each parent grew, we started to feel the need to expand. It is in January 2017 that Winnie L’Ourson opened its door to its second pre-primary and nursery school at Chacal Lane Rose-Belle, Mauritius.

Few words from Zahra Soodeen, Founder & Director

I wake up every morning and thank God that I have a job that I love. Not many people can say that. Prior to Winnie L’Ourson, I’ve worked with other pre-primary schools and nursery in Mauritius. I opened my first school after working and gathering experience for 3 years. My professional experience is 10+ years today..

My mind never stop working and I’m always thinking of ways to improve our schools and I’m often told, “Your school is a hidden treasure.” The goal with Winnie L’Ourson is to be a treasure that pours success into the community, while at the same time, helping to build the next generation.